In Kibera slums, knowing how to read and write is a privilege that we cherish.

It’s a chance to pursue our dreams. An opportunity to connect with the rest of the world.

I am glad that many people/organizations are encouraging/providing hope for people in Kibera by providing resources like books, computers, and libraries.

Slum dwellers in Africa and around the world have one thing in common: the hunger for knowledge/visibility. The hunger for knowledge has pushed many to self educate. But even self education needs resources like books, pens, computers and libraries.

As a resident of Kibera slums, dedicating to a cause bigger than self has always appealed to me because I believe the community is paramount vis a vis the individual. Giving scholarships to individual students is great but building a library helps the entire community.

We should all aspire to spread love outwards because I find extreme joy in it.

I am an avid disciple of the golden rule. I believe that when one succeeds in life they should give back to the community to advance it and to encourage the young generation.


— Yema Khalif

Founder & CEO of YEMA



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